A Cat Invades a Live Orchestra Concert

This cat proved again that cats are the funniest.  We found this funny video on Baroque4you Facebook page, where a stray cat disrupting a live orchestra concert.  We are not exactly sure where the country of origin of this video; however, it seems to be in Turkey.  We might be wrong but if you understand the language, please comment below to confirm it. Haha...


Ахахаха гениальный невозмутимый котик 😻😻😻

Posted by Baroque4you on Saturday, February 15, 2020

First, the cat tries to get the attention of cellists by rubbing against chairs.  The feline gives a belly laugh after tangled in one of the cellists' dress 😸😸.  After getting bored with them, the cat goes to the violin section for seeking some lap-cuddling or petting 😂.  Then, an orchestra member tries to catch the cat but fails because the feline fights back.  

The best scene of this incident is the cat jumping to the podium and disrupting the orchestra conductor.  He asks the audience, "Is anyone allergic? What are we going to do?" and the audience starts laughing.  It seems like people paid more attention to the feline than the orchestra whole time.  Anyways, this furry invader got the best seat in the concert.      

So, what do you think about this cat invasion?



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