Surprising Cat Facts in the United States

Have you ever thought about how many cats are there in the United States?  Can you guess?  According to AVMA U.S. Pet Ownership data, there are 73.1 million cats in the US.  That's on average 2 cats per household.

We're a data-driven company.  So, we put together the following visualizations for you to get an idea about the statistics of cats in the US.  We hope you enjoy the cat facts we derived based on our analysis 😻😸😋.  If you'd like an interactive dashboard to see the maps and charts, check our Tableau dashboard.  You can download and play around with the data if you're a data enthusiast. 

Cat facts

As you can see in the above map, Maryland has the most cats per household (2.6 per HH).  Alabama and Ohio take the 2nd and 3rd place consecutively.  The interesting thing is that California not even in the top 10 (based on average cats per household) even though the state accounts for the highest population of cats.  So, California is not the state of most cat lovers!  Maryland is.  People in Delaware seem to be the least cat lovers in the US.

This is getting more interesting as you can see in the following map.  So, which states prefer cats over dogs?  Pennsylvania, Maine, Oregon, New York, Connecticut, Washington, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire seem to love more cats than dogs.  Isn't that interesting?  

Cat facts 2

The following chart shows the cat population by state.  As you can notice, even though California, Texas, and Florida account for the top 3 cat populations in the United States, they are not the top 3 based on the number of cats per household.  That means, the people in Maryland, Alabama, and Ohio like to have more cats in their houses compared to other states.    


We hope you learned something new with this data.  Data is powerful when you use it in the correct way to find insights.  So, are you surprised by these cat facts?  Share your thoughts with us.

Here are more fun cat facts in the US. 

  • The cats are one of the most popular pets in the United States as nearly 32 million households own a cat.

  • 25% of households in the US own at least one cat.

  • On average, cat owners visit a veterinary at least one time per year (1.3 to be exact) and they spend on average $182 per year for veterinary visits.

  • The highest rates of pet ownership are found among households living in mobile homes (73.8%), followed by houses (65.8%).

  • White households showed the highest rate of cat ownership (31.8%).

  • 47% of cat ownership households reported incomes above $55,000.

  • Cat owners have a lesser propensity to obtain veterinary care than do owners of dogs.

  • Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3.2 million are cats.  So, if you're looking to have a cat in your home, please consider adopting instead of buying.

Source: 2017-2018 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook    

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) conducts the largest pet-owning household survey in the United States.  The Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook (PDS) is the most comprehensive and authoritative information available examining pet ownership and related habits of U.S. pet-owning households.


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