The Coolest Cat Games for Cat Lovers

Have you ever played any cat games online?  If you haven't or looking for free online cat games to play, we put together some games for you to play.  You can play most of these games on your phone or desktop without downloading them.  Isn't that great?  We have also included app games if you'd like to download from Google Play or Apps Store.  So, we hope you enjoy these funny and interesting cat games.    

 Jet Cat

This game is a nice cat game but it's harder than it seems.  You have to tap on the screen if you play on your smartphone or use the mouse on the desktop to navigate the cat through barriers.  This is a free to play online cat game.  Give a try and see how far you can keep the cat survive.  


Pet Rescue

This is a lovely game, where you have to do certain activities to rescue cats and dogs.  It's a nice cat game to play if you want to kill some time and have fun virtually rescuing pets.


CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

This is an action game made by ZeptoLab, the studio that made the popular Cut the Rope series.  In this game, you will be fighting in an arena against other cats.  Your objective is to build the best fighting machine using the available tools and gadgets and win the round.  The fighting will be automatic and winning the game depends on the power and quality of your machine compared to the opponent.  You get rewarded for winning, so you will be able to buy new parts for your machine with what you earn.  So come on, try the game out!


Spiral Stairs 

In this game, you’ll be navigating a cat to climb on spiraled stairs avoiding many different obstacles.  You’ll have to dodge them all, or else the game will be over.  It’s difficult since you can only move forward, so make sure to stop and move strategically.  The controls are simple and you just click with your mouse.  In the store, you can switch the overall theme of the game.  Try to get as high as you can.  Good luck!


Cat Runner

This free online cat game is a 3D game, which was developed by Gameflare.  You will be running around on city streets with a cat.  Your objective will be to pick up bones and to avoid obstacles.  Aside from static obstacles, you’ll also have to avoid gigantic rats or mad dogs on the street.   Each time you touch any of them, you will lose one cat life and you have only three lives.  It's a fun game to play.  Give it a try!


Cat Around the World  

Do you like feeding your cat?  This cool cat game is about getting the sausage to the cat by removing all the blue objects while avoiding obstacles.  You have to be strategic about how to remove the blue objects because if the sausage touches the obstacles, it will destroy.    


Adventures of Bloo (Only on Desktop)

This is a pretty easy game but it's fun.  All you have to do is pay attention to the instruction at each level and match the colors on Bloo (the cat) with the target color.  Bloo will turn in to the color he steps on. 

 Play Adventures of Bloo

Rat Fishing (Only on Desktop)

Rats are related to cats.  Right meow?  Cats hate rats so do most people.  The game is fun and all you have to do is wiping out all rats by using cheese as a bait to get them out from their hiding place.  They will attract to the smell of the cheese.  Don't let them steal your cheese.  More quickly you destroy them you get more points.    

Play Rat Fishing

Mimelet (Only on Desktop)

This free flash game was released in 2010.  The player has to help Mimelet to reach the goal flag at each level of the game.  We are not sure the character "Mimelet" is a cat or not but hey, the game is super fun to play.  It's a kind of Super Mario game, where Mimelet can jump on enemies (plant bulbs, dragons, walking rocks, octopuses, etc.) and get certain powers and abilities (leaf power, firepower, water power, etc.).  Be careful of the plant bubbles because they can shoot seed at Mimemlet.  The game has 20 levels and we hope you enjoy this game.

Play Mimelet

Cyber Mice Party (Only on Desktop)

We consider this also a cat game because it's about rats.  You have to guide the mice to the big cheese avoiding disasters by using the available objects.  It's that simple!  Use the mouse (your computer mouse of course) to click on the objects to move them around.

Play Cyber Mice Party

Cat Mario (Only on Desktop)

It's hard to find someone who has never played Super Mario.  Cat Mario is for cat lovers.  No, it's for anyone who loves games.  The YouTube super start PewDiePie also played this game.  This free to play 2D online cat game was released by a Japanese company in 2007.  This game is known for causing frustration because of the hidden or unexpected moving objects that kill the cat.  PewDiePie also mentioned that this came causes insanity!

Play Cat Mario




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