American Curl

American Curl

American curl is known for its unique curled-back ears.  Their super cuteness has gained worldwide popularity since the late 1980s.  The American curl cat is a medium-sized cat and does not reach maturity until 2-3 years of age. 

If you're looking for a cute, affectionate, healthy, and muscular-looking cat but small, then this is a purrfect cat you should go for.  They're very much family-oriented, affectionate, and adjust very fast to children and other pets.  The cat owners often mention that American Curls have a dog-like personality as they are very attentive to their owners.  That's something usually other cat breeds are lack of.

The ancestor of the American Curl is a stray black longhair female cat who appeared on the doorsteps of Joe and Grace Ruga in Lakewood, California in 1981.  They named her Shulamith.  She had funny-looking curled ears and her kitten also had the same unique trait.  Inspired by their unusual curl ears, selective breeding was begun in 1983.  Since then, this breed has attracted many cat lovers around the US and other countries such as Spain, France, Japan, and Russia. 

The first American Curl was exhibited at a cat show in 1986 and the breed was recognized by CFA in 1999 as the first cat breed to admit to the Championship Class with both shorthair and longhair divisions.  After analyzing the genetics of this breed, famous feline geneticist Roy Robinson in England confirmed that the ear-curling gene is autosomal dominant. That means any cat with even one copy of the gene will have curled-ears.          

Origin: United States
Lifespan: 12 - 16 years
Size: Medium
Coat: Short and Long
Pattern: Multiple patterns
Shedding: Moderate
Body Colors: White, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, silver, golden
Eye Colors: Amber, Aqua, Blue, Copper, Green, Gold, Hazel, Orange, Yellow
Cost: $1200 to $2000
Hypoallergenic? No


  • Muscular
  • Medium-sized
  • Soft and silky coats
  • Curled ears
  • Walnut-shaped eyes
  • Long tail

The American Curls are one of the sweetest cats you can have 😺😊.  They are playful, people-oriented,  easily adapt to different environments, and very attentive to the owners.  You will often find them perching in high places or following you around the house if they're not on your lap.  They are really good boys or girls who would pay attention to you like a dog. 

  • Adaptable
  • Intelligent
  • Attentive
  • Typically quiet
  • Playful and lively
  • People-oriented
  • A lap cat
  • Affectionate and very friendly towards children and people
  • Get along with other animals

Healthcare Tips
The American Curl cat is a very healthy breed and there are no known genetic problems due to its large genetic pool with non-pedigree cats.  Nonetheless, when choosing your kitten, make sure to buy from a reputable cat breeder who will provide a written health guarantee.  If they cannot provide such a guarantee in writing, NEVER buy from them. 

The only thing you should be careful about is their ears.  An American Curl's ears should be handled carefully because rough handling can damage their ears.  Never try to fold the ears as it can damage the cartilage. 

Also, pay attention to obesity, which is one of the most common cat health problems.  If you keep them active with enough daily exercise, they will maintain a healthy weight.

American Curl cats require minimal grooming, so you can brush their coat once a week to keep the coat healthy and shiny.  This cat grooming glove will do a pawsome job grooming your kitty cat.

Fun Cat Facts 

  • American Curl kittens are born with straight ears but they begin to curl backward after 3-5 days.  After 4 months, their ears will not curl any longer.
  • Not every cat’s ears would curl as some will have normal ones
  • They are known as the Peter Pan cat because of their forever young personality
  • American curls love high places.  If you don't see them around, perhaps check the top of the cabinets or roof 😋😹. 
  • They're a good alarm clock alternative.  They wake up early and will lick you, sit on you, or kiss your nose until you get out of the bed.

Please note that the characteristics mentioned here are based on the frequently observed traits of this breed.  Personalities and appearances of cats could vary based on the individual.  Please consult the breeder or the adoption organization for the specific details of the pet.



Cat facts 

What is the American Curl price?
Pricing on American Curls usually depends on the type, applicable markings, and bloodlines.  A kitten could cost about $1200 - $2000.  Make sure you buy one from a recognized cat breeder who provides a written health guarantee.

What is the American Curl lifespan?
The average life expectancy of this cat breed is about 12 to 16 years.

Are the American Bobtail cats hypoallergenic?
No.  Even though they're cuddly and warming cats, they're not hypoallergenic.  


So, what's your favorite characteristic of the American Curl cats?  Would you love to have one?  


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